Ford 2.3L Performance

Welcome to the Ford 2.3L Performance Section! This section looks at anyway possible of coaxing more power out of the Ford 2.3L Lima engine. This section is divided into the following:

Fuel - The Fuel section discusses improvements to the fuel injection: the idle air control valve, larger capacity fuel injectors, the O2 sensor, the affects of fuel pressure, the effect of octance, mods to the mass airflow sensor, and more..

Intake - The Intake section takes a look at how you can improve the air flow into the engine by using a freer flow air filter, eliminating the intake muffler, disabling the EGR valve, adding a throttle body spacer, adding ram air and more...

Heads - The Heads section explores swapping in aftermarket heads and modifying other make and model heads to fit.

Cams - Which cam is best for your application, find out the cams that are available and how to advance or retard your cam for best performance.

Brains - The Brains are the ECU or computer. Here's where you can find out if swapping ECUs for another year or model may improve the performance. How about the performance chips, do they really work?

Shockin' - The Shockin' section looks at the ignition system: the selection of sparkplugs for the best performance, rewiring the coil packs for improved spark timing and selecting high performance coil packs to get the juice flowing.

Exhaust - The Exhaust section discusses headers versus the stock manifold, which is better and when would you go to headers? What about replacing the catalytic convertor? Free flow mufflers and exhaust wrap - how do they affect performance?

Heat - Normally, you think of cooling an engine, in the 2.3L's case, the problem is getting it warm enough! Here's info on installing an electric fan, modifying the thermostat to 205 degF, machining a universal thermostat housing,

Oilin' - The Oilin' section looks at oiling problems of the engine: the cause of 0 psi oil pressure and the cure. Is synthetic oil good for this engine? And how to convert your dummy oil gauge to a real working gauge.

Dollar Items - The Dollar Items section looks at the big ticket performance parts that you can purchase such as stroker cranks, higher gear ratios for the rear axle, supercharging, turbocharging. Which one gives you the most bang for the buck?

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