Ford 2.3L Fuel Injection

Welcome to the Ford 2.3L Fuel Injection Section! The Fuel section discusses improvements to the fuel injection: the idle air control valve, larger capacity fuel injectors, the O2 sensor, the affects of fuel pressure, the effect of octance, mods to the mass airflow sensor, and more.. This section is divided into the following:

Fuel Shot - Here's where you learn about how to improve performance by increasing the fuel injector size. Too big and you'll flood the engine, too little and there won't be a performance gain!

Pressure - You can increase the fuel pressure to increase the relative size of the fuel injector. Is it the best bang for your buck? Find out on this page.

Octane - Will changing the octance of your fuel increase performance? Here's reasons why it might or might not.

MAF - The Mass Air Flow sensor measures the amount of air flowing into the fuel injection system. How do you know that it is the right size for your engine? What can be done to fine tune it to the performance modificaitons that you've done. What about swapping in another MAF from another engine?

O2 Sensor - The O2 sensor is one of the most vital components of the fuel injection system. It provides feedback on the air/fuel ratio so that the ECU can fine tune the performance

IACV - The Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve helps the fuel injection to run right at idle. Here's a simple fix if you have rough idle

Idle - Which is better: low idle speed or high idle speed for the 2.3L engine? Find out how to adjust the idle speed for the best performance.

Slack - Did you know that when the pedal is to the metal, the throttle may not be wide open? Find out how to test and fix it here.

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