2.3L Head Work

Essingler Racing has race proven heads but make sure you bring your checkbook cause they ain't cheap! If you want to get down right radical, you can put a Volvo B234F DOHC head on your 2.3L that flows absolutely amazing. Of course there is a little bit of machining and fabrication required to make it all work.

Volvo B234F DOHC head can fit on Ford 2.3L with a "little bit of work"

I came across a surprising specification, the Lexus 4.0L V8 passenger side head has almost the same bore spacing as the 2.3L - 0.010" difference. I don't know what is required to mount one on a 2.3L but 16V and DOHC sure sounds inviting! I'll have to get a head gasket from the two engines and see what the difference is.

Chad N, who raced dirt track, says for these engines: the head is where you get 90% of your power from. Get the head milled about 20 or 30 thousandths. Then you can run 93 octane. That brings the compression up. It might cost you $100 bucks at the machine shop. That's a cheap and definite mod.

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