Intake Modifications

There are quite a few modifications that can be done to the intake side of the 2.3L engine. This section covers the air flow from the time it enters the air intake to when it meets the heads and everything in between. Think of the engine as an air pump, anything that you can do to improve the air flow by reducing the restrictions is going to make the engine more efficient and provide better gas mileage and power. This section is divided into:

Ram Air - Add a Ram Air to your vehicle and get two advantages: more and colder air for an almost free performance modification.

Intake Muffler - Between the MAF sensor and the throttle body, there is an intake muffler. Grab some free hp by removing the innards and letting the air flow!

Filter - The stock air filter is quite restrictive. Replace is with a free flowing air filter to add a few extra hp and make the throttle response more snappier!

Intake Air - The intake air temperature is monitored by the ECU, here's a few things that you can do to fool the ECU into more hp and the proper placement of the air intake temperature sensor if you go to a cold air style intake.

EGR - The EGR valve's job is to add exhaust into the intake air to reduce emissions. Well it does it too well and severely "balls and chains" the performance. Find out how to defeat the EGR valve, gain more power and increase your gas mileage!

Throttle - This webpage discusses what you can do to improve performance by using throttle body spacers.

Portin' - Here's tips on the performace gains that you can get by port matching and modifying the intake manifold to the throttle body.

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