Bench Racing

Buick Factory Experimental Engines - OHC big block V8s, turbocharged versions, mechanical fuel injection versions and aluminum block V8

Moser Engine Corporation's experimental DOHC heads for the small block chevy.

Pontiac's experimental engine development. There were SOHC and DOHC big block V8s, SOHC inline 6s, supercharged V8s, mechanical fuel injection versions and aluminum block V8s

I also thought about the Pontiac Sprint OHC straight 6 from the late 60s is extremely cool and generates lots of torque and reasonable hp (230 hp) in stock form.

Let's stroke a SBC 305 to get 334 cid - there's power to be pulled from this engine. Why not stroke it?

Information on making a 427 cid SBC - don't try this at home! This is pure junkyard talk. How to go about boring and stroking a 400 cid to 427.

The Ford/Lincoln Big Block Flathead - The forgotten powerhouse from 1948-51. This is one flathead that had the potential to give the OHV engines a run for their money!

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