Dave's 1953 Chevy Belair Project

Dave was in the process of hotrodding a 1953 2 door Chevy Belair, (Its actually a 210 Sedan, but he bought all the body molding for a Belair because it looks way cooler!!) but another project came up that he couldn't refuse: a 1969 Hurst SC/Rambler. He documented all of the work on his old website and graciously passed the information to me so that it would not be lost. I think his work is important because he's done almost the same build-up as I have on my Canadian 54 Pontiac but has done it quite differently - definitely good reading!

Here's some pictures of his car as it was loaded up on the trailer on the day it was sold:

Here is Dave's story:

I bought the original 1953 Chevy from a man in Belair, Maryland, (yes, there is a place called Belair, so I knew I had to make it one!), in Aug 1998.

I plan on the Project taking 5 years to complete, so far I have been working on the car for two years now ,and have made some pretty good progress.

I wanted to detail my build up on these pages to help other people that might be wanting to Hotrod or Restore an older car/truck. This way, others can follow my progress and maybe even learn from my mistakes (this is my first major rebuild project so I figure to make plenty). The car is to be used for attending car shows and driven daily (rain or shine!).

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