Go Power

Welcome to the Go Power Section! Go Power deals with the parts of the engine that give you the giddya up and go from the gas tank to the crankshaft to the exhaust system. This section is divided into the following:

Fuel - This section deals with the fuel system from the gas tank, fuel sender and gauge to the fuel pump, carburator and air cleaner.

Suckin' Air - This section covers the top end of the engine: the intake manifold, heads and camshaft.

Bottom End - Crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, oil pump, oil pan, starter motors and motor mounts are discussed in this section

Arc Fire - This section talks about the ignition system, timing and distributor

Exhaust - This section discusses headers, exhaust pipes and mufflers

Coolin' - This section covers the engine cooling system from the coolant, water pump, hoses, radiator, thermostat and heater core.

2.3L Tech - This section is specifically devoted to finding the least expensive way to pull horsepower from the Ford 2.3L (2300) 4 cylinder normally aspirated engine.

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