P-T Hood Ornament Identification


Packard Hood Ornaments - Packard hood ornaments are characterized by

  • mid 30s: goddess of speed was a woman with wings holding a tire outstretched in her arms
  • late 30s: half sphere in stylized base
  • early 40s: stylized locomotive
  • mid to late 40s: looks like a winged swan (actually a bird called a cormorant) with downturned head, the beak almost touching its breast and very stylized goddess of speed (almost unrecognizable as a woman more like a rocket with outstretched arms)
  • 50s: rocket ships, jetplanes and a ball on a half hoop

Note: There are several GEM swans which resemble Packard ornaments. The swan's head is upright but still looking down. May be chrome or gold.

Plymouth Hood Ornaments - Plymouth hood ornaments are characterized by

  • 1930s-early 50s: stylized sailing ship/schooner, you can see the sails in the design
  • 50s: sailing ships grow wings and become jetfighters

Pontiac Hood Ornaments - Pontiac hood ornaments are typcially characterized by a running Indian brave or just his face on stylized later models. The native is Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa Indian tribe (from the Great Lakes area of the US), hence the name of the auto company.

  • Late 30s-40s: Indian brave face on a locomotive
  • early 50s: Indian face, Indian face on jetplane mid 50s: jetfighter

Studebaker Hood Ornaments - Studebaker hood ornaments are characterized by:

  • Early 30s: round rad cap with wing
  • late 30s to early 40s: stylized locomotive
  • late 40s: long bullet/torpedo and gunsight/torpedo
  • 50s: spacecraft/jetfighters

Tucker - Tucker was manufactured for one year only: 1948 and made only one hood ornament. You may never see it again so here it is

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