Replace the Oxygen Sensor!

The heart of the EFI is the oxygen (O2) sensor. The computer calculates the correct fuel/air mixture based on the output of the oxygen sensor which is located at the bottom of the exhaust manifold. If you have more than 100,000 km (60,000 miles), you should replace the oxygen sensor - it's worn out! When I disabled the EGR valve, I replaced the O2 sensor - I used to get 20 mpg around town, now I'm up to 25 mpg city driving - lots of short, low speed driving. Can't wait to get her out on the highway to see the improvement! Just a quick note: these mpg calculations are based on the larger Imperial gallons.

How to change an O2 Sensor

When you purchase an O2 sensor, there will be the exact OEM replacement ($$$) or you can get a generic one ($) which does the same thing but looks different. I chose the generic one because I happened to be reading the partsman screen and noticed the huge price difference!

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