Custom Rack N Pinion Install

This Custom Rack N Pinion Install section is divided into:

How to Select Steering Components - This page talks about the criteria that is used to select a rack n pinion and how everything fits in 3 dimensions.

Positioning the Rack - Theory is good but what you really have to do is spend lots of time test positioning, measuring and plotting, then positioning, measuring and plotting,then positioning, measuring and plotting, - you get the drift!

Plotting the Position of the Rack - So now that the rack has been positioned and measured, you have to plot what is happening to see how the bump and rebound relate to each other. The plot will tell you if the rack is too high, too low, centered properly, tie rods too short or too long.

Power Steering Pumps - I'm using a Chevrolet power rack n pinion. Interestingly, there's not too many differences in GM steering pumps and a few mods will make almost any work.

Unique Center Steer RnP Install - This example of a rack n pinion install is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. I would like to take credit but it was sent to me by Don Bowman who took the pictures during a snow storm - that's dedication!

Center Steer RnP Misadventure - Here's my initial misadventure in installing a center steer RnP. I've documented the steps I've taken and the problems that I ran into. In addition, it proved why the old cars had such bad bumpsteer!

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