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Welcome to the Car Stories Section! Every hot rod has a story and this section has several stories and histories of cars including 50s cars, 60s and 70s vehicles.

1953 Chevy - Dave was in the process of hotrodding a 1953 2 door Chevy Belair. Its actually a 210 Sedan, but he bought all the body molding for a Belair because it looks way cooler!!

1953 Pontiac - Here's pictures of Bob Hierlmeier's 53 Pontiac 2 door sedan from August 2001 Foothills Street Rod Association' s Fun Run in Calgary Alberta Canada. Bob is from Edmonton, Alberta and with the Edmonton Street Rod Association.

1954 Chevy - Brian Breedlove purchased his Dad's 54 Chevy Belair and inherited his love for cars. As he tells it: "My dad bought this car in 1961 while he was in the Navy in Calif. He sold it to me just last year (bargain price).

1954 Pontiac - I am the 3rd person who has worked on customizing this vehicle which has been best described as being a basket case. It was for sale for over 2 years when I purchased it and had been sitting outside untouched for about 5 years.

1955 Chevy - I owned a 55 Chev 210 4 door sedan for about 6 months in 1976. I bought it from a little old lady for $100. The 55 had a straight 6 with an oil bath air cleaner, 3 on the tree, 4 flat tires and lots of rust.

1967 Ford - My first car was a 1967 Ford LTD that was given to me by my parents in 1975. 1965-68 Fords were dirt cheap at that time. A friend had purchased a 65 Ford 4 door in absolutely mint condition for $500 with low mileage.

1967 Triumph TR4a - After graduating and being in the work place for a while, I took over my friend Craig's 67 TR4A project which he found in a farmer's field. He paid $250 for the car and $250 for a new hood.

1972 Corvette - I owned a 1972 Corvette for about 2 years during the early 80s. It had a rebuilt 350 sbc and 4 speed and the numbers didn't match (bad bad move on my part!). But it was incredibly fast!

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